Our R&D center has over 30 professional engineers who handle every aspect of product development, including structural design, material selection, photoelectronic design, and product testing.

We use a flexible project-based development model to efficiently develop high-quality products tailored to each customer's needs.

Thanks to the short 1-hour drive from our R&D center to our China factory, we have established a close linkage between the two facilities. This proximity allows us to exercise greater control over product quality and ensure rapid delivery. In addition, our R&D team can respond quickly and troubleshoot any issues that the production line may encounter at any time.

We value both the development of new products and improving existing ones. This approach allows our customers to access cost-effective, high-performance solutions and expand their market reach. We prioritize our customers' needs by providing innovative options and exceeding expectations, whether it's a new or updated product.

Our lab has passed UL and ETL with Witnessed Test Data Program(WTDP).

To ensure the quality and reliability of our products, we conduct a comprehensive test verification process that includes a range of tests, such as optical test, salt spray test, drop test, dual 85 test, cold and thermal shock test, room temperature light-up test, vibration test, lightning surge test, EMC/EMI (conducted radiation) test, and more. These tests help us identify any potential issues or defects and ensure that our products meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

At our laboratory, we have implemented a rapid verification process for batch products, allowing us to significantly reduce lead times without compromising on product quality. This new process enables us to quickly and efficiently verify the quality of large batches of products, ensuring that they meet our high standards before they are released to the market.

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